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Narroline Gliding Patio Door Parts
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Patio Door Panels Complete Hardware Sets
Replace your damaged or outdated gliding patio door panels. They come in an array of colors, sizes and glass options.
Styles in Covington, Encino, Yuma & more…
Finishes in Brushed Chrome, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Satin Nickel & more…
Interior Thumb Latch Screens
This is the latch that is on the interior of the operating panel that you turn to lock the door.
Replace your existing patio door screen or if your screen is torn you can fix it with a re-screening kit.
Rollers Screen Hardware
In Stock!
Rollers for Gliding Patio Door Operating Panels.
Rollers for Insect Screens.
All the hardware for your gliding screen. Rollers, screen handles, springs, locks, pulls and more...
Auxilary Security Locks Exterior Key Locks
Also referred to as a "foot" lock and is a installed to the side of the operating panel and when depressed a pin is engaged into the door track allowing for additional security.
This door lock goes on the exterior of the operating panel and allows the door to be locked or unlocked with a key.
Weatherstrip Logo Plates
Save Energy
and seal your home up tight! Browse our selection of gliding patio door weatherstrips.
This is the logo plate that covers the thumb latch hole on the face of the door opposite the thumb latch.
Other Parts & Accessories Adhesive - Paint - Lubricant - Sealant
Reach-out locks, blank keys, hole plugs, grille clips and various other parts.
Here you will find Andersen® matching touch-up paints & sealants, advance silicone lubricants, and Andersen® vinyl-to-vinyl adhesives.
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