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Parts Catalog

How To Use The Online Parts Catalog

The online parts catalog (below) contains replacement part information, illustrations, descriptions, and dimensions that will help you order parts quickly and accurately.

The Introduction section includes general information such as how to find an order number, how to get service and how to identify glass. The Product Features and History section includes introduction dates, significant design changes and discontinue dates for each product.

You will find all parts for a particular product under each individual product section.

Updates Occur Weekly

Woodwright™ Windows
Woodwright™ Insert Windows (2005-present) 
Woodwright™ Double- Hung Windows (2002-present)
Woodwright™ Picture & Transom Windows (2002-present)  

100 Series Windows
100 Series Awning Windows (2008-present)
100 Series Casement Windows (2008-present)
100 Series Gliding Windows (2008-present)
100 Series Single Hung Windows (2008-present)

200 Series Windows
200 Series Gliding Windows (2002-present)
200 Series Tilt-Wash Double-Hung Windows (2000-present)
200 Series Specialty Windows (2000-present)

Casement Windows
Perma-Shield Improved/EZ Casement Windows (1999 to present)
Perma-Shield Enhanced Casement Windows (1995 to 1998)
Perma-Shield Casement Windows (1966-1995)
Primed Casement Windows (1932-1989)

Andersen Architectural Windows
Clad Casement Windows (2005 - present)
Clad Specialty Fixed (2001 - Present)
Clad French Casement Window (2005 - present)

Andersen® Architectural Doors
Clad Inswing Doors (2001 - present)
Clad Outswing Doors (2001 - present)
Wood Outswing Doors (2001 - present)
Wood Inswing Doors (2001 - present)

Awning Windows
Perma-Shield Improved/EZ Awning Windows (1999 to present)
Perma-Shield Enhanced Awning Windows (1995-1998)
Perma-Shield Awning Windows (1966-1996)
Flex-Pac Windows (1971-1975)
Strutwall Windows (1959-1965)
Beauty-Line Windows (1957-1979)
Flexivent Windows (1952-1979)

Gliding Windows
Gliding Windows (1991-present)
Perma-Shield Gliding Windows (1971-1992)
Primed Gliding Windows (1940-1971)

Double-Hung Windows
Tilt-Wash II (TW) Windows (1996-present)
Tilt-Wash (DC) (1992-1996)

Perma-Shield Narroline Windows (1968-present)
Double-Hung Picture & Sidelight Windows (1996-present)
Double-Hung Transom (TWT) Windows (2006 to Present)
Double-Hung Transom (DH) Windows (1994 to 2006)
Perma-Shield Narroline Picture & Sidelight Windows (1968-2002)
Perma-Shield Narroline Transom (TR) Windows (1990-present)
Primed Narroline Windows (1962-1970)
Self-Storing Combination Windows (1956-1965)
Pressure-Seal Double-Hung Windows (1946-1965)

Specialty Windows
Springline Windows (1994-present)
Circle & Oval Windows (1991-present)
Arch Windows (1989-present)
Elliptical Top Windows (1986-present) Circle Top & Quarter Round Windows (1988-present)
Flexiframe Windows (1985-present)

Skylight & Roof Windows
Skylight (SKS) Windows (1999-present) Skylight (SK) Windows (1991-1999)
Venting Roof, Vent/Tilt Roof & Stationary Roof Units (1991-present)
Venting Roof & Stationary Roof units (1983-1993)

Basement & Utility Windows
Fibrex Basement & Utility Windows (2004 to Present)
Basement & Utility Windows (1934 to 2004)

Reinforced Mull Joining Components for Windows
Reinforced Mull Joining Components for Windows (1990-present)

100 Series Doors
100 Series Gliding Doors (2009-present)

200 Series Doors
200 Series Hinged Patio Door (2006-present)
200 Series Narroline Gliding Doors (2002-present)

Hinged Doors
Frenchwood Outswing Doors (1997-present)
Frenchwood Hinged Doors (1988-present)

Sidelights & Transoms for Hinged Doors
Sidelights & Transoms for Frenchwood Hinged Doors (2002-present)

Gliding Doors
Frenchwood Gliding Doors (1987-present)
Perma-Shield Gliding Doors (1982 to Present)
Prefinished Terratone Gliding Doors (1975-1982)
Perma-Shield Gliding Doors (PSII 1978 to 1981)
Perma-Shield Gliding Doors (PSI 1968 to 1978)
Primed Gliding Doors (1964-1983)
58072 Gliding Doors (1963-1965)

Andersen Art Glass
Andersen Art Glass (1993-present)

Miscellaneous Materials & Parts
Miscellaneous Materials & Parts


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