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There are thousands of different parts available for Andersen window & patio door products. To assist you in identifying the correct part that you need, we have created a Parts Education Center. This area is a great place to begin your search for the Andersen part that you need.

Just follow these four simple steps to quickly identify if you have an Andersen product, the age of the product, and the type/model number.
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Identify if you have an Andersen® Window

Andersen windows are identified by the Andersen logo on the glass. All sash will have the logo. The logo will be in one of the corners of the glass. It is etched on the glass and cannot be washed off. It is very light and you almost have to be looking for it to see it. The logo is a triangle with the letters "AW" in the center of the triangle. This logo means that your window is an Andersen. If you don't have the logo on the glass, you don't have an Andersen window.

Find your Andersen Window logo etched into the corner of the glass

CIG-1 1-87

Note: there will be other letters and numbers on the outside of the triangle. These other letters and numbers contain information about who manufactured the glass and the date of manufacture.
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