Andersen 16L (14SL) Narroline Sash Balancer

PART #: A-1626082 Andersen

Andersen 16L (14SL) Narroline Sash Balancer

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Andersen 16L (14SL) Narroline Sash Balancer - Left Side
  • Works with Perma-Shield Narroline Double-Hung Windows manufactured from 1968 to Present.
  • Fits on the left side as viewed from the outside of your home.
  • Sash balancers are metal boxes that contain a nylon cord under tension.
  • The balancer number is a code for the tension and the cord length.
  • The proper balancer must be used to maintain the lower and upper sash in an open position.
  • If you replace one balancer you should replace both balancers.

Note: For instructions on how to replace balancers view the (Size Guide & Instructions) section.

Size Guide & Instructions

Sash Balance Replacement Instructions
Click here for Replacement Instructions

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