Andersen FWH50611 Double Screen Track in Sandtone (1988 to Present)

PART #: A-0921307 Andersen

Andersen FWH50611 Double Screen Track in Sandtone (1988 to Present)

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Color: Sandtone
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Product Details

Andersen 50611 Frenchwood Hinged - Double Screen Track Kit for 5 1/4" Wall - Sandtone Color
  • Works with Frenchwood Hinged (In-Swing) Patio Doors manufactured from 1988 to Present.
  • The kit is mounted to the exterior of a Frenchwood Hinged Double Active (In-Swing) patio door. Both doors can open to interior of home.
  • The kit enables the use of two sliding screens that would bypass one another. It also allows for total ventation with the doors open and both screens across the opening.
  • Includes the head track, head track cover, side tracks, side track covers, screw packs and exterior gasket.
  • Used on 5' 0" wide by 6' 11" high patio door with visible glass size of 18-7/8" wide by 66-3/8" tall. This glass measurement is taken from one door panel..
  • Uses two sandtone color screens.

Note: Double Screen Track must be installed on door before door is installed in rough opening. Double Screen Track cannot be installed after unit is installed in rough opening unless door unit is removed from rough opening and re-installed.

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